mandag den 17. maj 2010

Words are meaningsless.

I love the quote: "words are meaningless and forgetable".. It is from the song by Anberlin - enjoy the silence. I heard it 1st time on Vampire Diaries. I think in most cases that the quote is true! ..

So .. tomorrow i have an annual test, in danish, and Wednesday in math. Looking forward to that being done, 'cause Thursday, Friday and Saturday it is HEDE RYTMER! (L) .. I'm so excited to see how it will turn out!
And next weekend i'm going to my 1st test with one of my dogs, Coco and my 2nd Nephew concert with my best friend Simone and moms birthday. :D
And then one more week in school! SUMMER BREAK!

So i saw the very last episode of Vampire Diaries season 1. OMG i hate! endings that leaves me with questions. Arrrhg.

To tell what I know i'm doing this summer: i'm going on a camp with my youngest dog, Bally. I was 5 years ago with Chili. It is going to be fun, seeing people again. :D

And then, my last thing: ADAM LAMBERT! (L)He is just such an amazing singer.

That was all. :D

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