torsdag den 13. januar 2011

Pictures of the day.

So I was thinking. I wanna start taking some more photos with my awesome camera :-D 
I wanna try taking some every, but I don't know if its gonna work or if there will be any sense to them :-b
Today i've put in 4 pictures from today. 

A fucking anoying water drop. Its dripping my room. 
IT SUCKS. Like big time, 'cause my carpet gets wet. 
 My make-up mess. Haha. I'm a really messy girl. I hate it, really, and I'm always trying to do something about it, haha. This is the make-up I use for everyday use. Some mascare, eye-liner, concealer and foundation. 
 Once again ... a little mess. It's my brand new dermalogica foundation. I've been using it for years. I love it!
The little bottle is a skin cleansing product from The Body Shop's Tea Tree serie.
 My best winther boots.
I love them both. The big ones are LaCrosse boots. So warm, and I soooo need that in the cold winther time! 
I can't remember what brand the black ones are, but they are lovely as well. Warm and comfortable :-)
Thats it for today. 

- Night

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